ABOUT Chicago Sprinters

We are setting up our Insurance Policy, Rental Agreements and Software.

We are not renting any vehicles at this point.


Will keep you posted once we are starting our operations.

More to that, we always keep track of the state of our vehicles, making sure that our monthly repair checkups and the bi-yearly maintenance and replacements plans are keeping all of our Sprinter vehicles intact, in good working condition, and pristine quality.

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Sprinter Van

Mercedes Sprinter Van

Easy to drive by anyone, the Sprinter van has room for everything. With a very large trunk space, this Sprinter van will carry the most cargo.

Sprinter Minibus

Mercedes Sprinter Minibus

The Sprinter Minibus is the best choice for elderly passengers, combining easy entry with ample legroom into a great vehicle.

Sprinter Van XL

Mercedes Sprinter van XL

The Sprinter van XL will fit anyone and "the pets", all the players and the coach. The largest Mercedes Passenger Sprinter Van in Chicago.

Executive Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter Executive

So luxurious that suddenly you will find many new friends. OR Going on a trip will better to travel than stop for visiting memorable places.